Abuja Mob Burn Down Cars, Shops Over Killing Of Fleeing Suspect

A segment of the renowned Wuse market in Abuja was engulfed in flames on Tuesday, following a violent protest by enraged youths over the killing of a 17-year-old hawker identified only as Musa.

The unrest led to the torching of the Abuja Markets Management Limited (AMML) office situated within the market premises and several vehicles parked in the market’s car park.

The protest erupted after a distressing incident where a suspect, reportedly being taken to a mobile court within the market for trial, attempted to flee.

The attempt resulted in the individual being allegedly shot and killed by the police.

A senior official of the AMML, requesting anonymity, relayed to Daily Trust that the deceased had already been convicted of an unspecified crime and was facing court proceedings for another offense when the tragic event unfolded.

The official elaborated that the young man’s attempt to escape led to him being fatally shot by the police, an action that incited the violent response from the community.

This led to attackers setting ablaze some shops, the AMML office, and multiple vehicles.

The chaos prompted a widespread panic and a stampede within the market as individuals scrambled to safeguard their possessions.

The commotion resulted in numerous people getting injured, although the exact number of casualties remains uncertain.

Witnesses reported scenes of desperation as people attempted to scale fences and push through the congested exits in a bid to escape the turmoil.

The Public Relations Officer of the AMML, Innocent Amaechina, confirmed the occurrence of the fire.

He reported that the fire service and police operatives had quickly cordoned off the area to manage the situation.

However, Amaechina mentioned his inability to access the affected area due to the ongoing emergency response efforts.

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