‘Cement Price Has Reduced To N7,800’

A Nigerian man, Ahmad Kargi, expressed surprise after a cement seller offered him his N400 balance on the purchase of cement even after leaving the shop.

Bahd street vibes reports that Ahmad narrated his experience in a post via X on Wednesday.

The man said he had bought the cement in the North at N8,200 per bag but was amazed after he received a call from the seller regarding a price reduction.

According to Ahmad, the cement seller told him the price of a bag of cement had been reduced to N7,800 and offered to return a balance of N400 on each bag he had bought.

He wrote on X: “Today I bought cement at a rate of ₦8,200/bag, now, the seller called and said the price has been reduced to ₦7,800 so he will refund ₦400 for each bag. If not in the NORTH, where could this happen in Nigeria?”

Meanwhile, the management of BUA Group has explained why Nigerians cannot buy cement at the promised ex-factory price of N3500 per bag.

The company’s clarification followed a seven-day deadline issued by two civil society groups to its management, demanding the sale of cement at N3,500 per bag or face the picketing of the company.

Speaking with reporters on Monday, the Creatives & Visual Identity manager at BUA Group, Timothy Sogbeinde, accused the intermediaries and wholesalers of allowing Nigerians to access the reduced price.

He stated that the company had honoured its pledge to reduce its cement price to N3500, but the wholesalers have continued to hike it.

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