Confident woman shows off her unique body stature

A confident young woman has gone viral on social media after showing off her body stature.

The plus-size woman with the handle @biggsexii2 on TikTok reiterated her love for herself while advising people never to look down on themselves.

According to the woman whose upper body looked visibly bigger than her lower body, she was the grand prize and nobody else could tell her otherwise.

In her words: “I want you to realize that the best part of your day is you. Don’t worry about anybody’s opinion. You are the grand prize.”

Social media users stormed the comments section to react to the video.

KYRIAN commented: “Since when them start to dey do bbl for front?”

Rica said: “I’ve got a question. How do you end up with that kind of body shape? Please can you explain.”

Хахі reacted: “Why are you just scrolling, reading other people’s comments can’t you comment too??”

Chidimma said: “I cover my self with the blood of Jesus.”

Nurse Harry said: “The front is at the back and the back is at the front.”

Miracle Whip said: “This is actually uplifting, yall need to learn to accept positivity instead of spreading negativity about people’s appearances.”

@glow the ice queen said: “Atlest she is proud of herself.”

F1 said: “How did you become like this? Just curious.”

Yuck Miniboss said: “I LOVE your energy omg, you’re gorgeous!!”

@inev said: “Y did u have to turn?”

Watch the video below:


You are the grand #prize

♬ original sound – Queen trixxi

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