Don Jazzy expressed his disappointment in Nigerians not being receptive to female musicians.

Don jazzy

Renowned record producer and music executive, Don Jazzy, has noted that Nigerians are not as supportive of female musicians. The head of Mavin Records expressed disappointment that female artists in Nigeria do not receive as much recognition and consumption as their male counterparts, despite their talent and effort.

A social media user with the handle @Lahon199x also highlighted this issue, suggesting that Nigerian female artists may have better opportunities for international success than within Nigeria.

The user X stated that Nigerians, in general, are still not open to female music. They noted that in other countries, female artists are able to dominate or at least be on equal footing with male artists in the music industry. However, in Nigeria, the user believes that female artists have a better chance of being recognized globally as A-list artists rather than achieving that status within the Nigerian music industry.

Don Jazzy reposted his tweet, expressing sadness about the situation and acknowledging the hard work that women put in.



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