‘Everyone Is Tinubu In Lagos State’ – Angry Woman Tackles LASPA Officials Over Car Clamp

An angry woman has tackled officials of the Lagos State Parking Authority (LASPA) for clamping her car parked at the parking lot of Healthplus Pharmacy, located in Allen Avenue, Ikeja.

In a video that surfaced on social media, the woman said she did not park on the road and wondered why her car was clamped in a car park.

However, the officials later unclamped the car, and left.

“This is a car park. Someone needs to explain to me exactly what I did wrong. I parked in front of HealthPlus on Allen Avenue,” she is heard saying in the video.

This is the car park. I’m not on the road in any way. Someone needs to explain to me why my car was clamped,” the woman stated.

As the officials were unclamping the car, she continued: “The boldness to clamp has suddenly disappeared. No explanation whatsoever. Everybody is a Tinubu in Lagos State; everybody is a president in Lagos State. Nonsense! Why don’t you say a word.”

Speaking about the incident, the General Manager of LASPA, Adebisi Adelabu, in a statement on Saturday, gave reasons for the clamping of the woman’s vehicle, accusing Healthplus Pharmacy of a deliberate plot to misrepresent facts to whip up sentiments.

Adelabu said that in December 2022, the authority issued demand notices for the year 2023 parking levies to private and public corporate organisations, including HealthPlus Pharmacy, and thereafter, circulated reminders that were duly acknowledged by defaulting organisations.

According to her, the officials seen in the video were on a final visit to seek payment for levies due to the state.

“The attention of the Lagos State Parking Authority (LASPA) has been drawn to a viral video circulated by Health Plus Pharmacy, located in Allen, Ikeja. The video is a deliberate misrepresentation of facts to whip up public sentiments against government officials on lawful duty,” Adelabu said.

“Officers seen in the video were on a final visit to seek payment for legitimate levies due to the Lagos State Government. It is evident that the officials were non-confrontational and professional in their conduct during the exercise.

“All demand notices served to the company and duly acknowledged are hereby presented to members as a display of transparency by our institution.

“LASPA will not be deterred from performing its regulatory role by unpatriotic individuals who resort to misinformation and fake news in order to evade payment of taxes and levies due to the government.

“For the avoidance of doubt, any individual found deliberately peddling falsehood to defame the officials of the Lagos State Government on monitoring and compliance activities will be prosecuted in accordance with the law,” she added.

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