Fire Outbreak Engulfs Kano Electricity Transmission Station

A fire incident occurred at the Dan’agundi Transmission Station in metropolitan Kano on Sunday, impacting the electricity supply to major parts of the city.

The station, which is a crucial node in the electricity distribution network operated by the Kano Transmission Company (TCN), saw two of its high-performance capacity transformers affected by the blaze.

A management official from the Kano TCN, according to Daily Trust reported that, out of the station’s transformers, two have been compromised by the fire, while two others remain in good condition.

The cause of the fire and the extent of the damage are currently under investigation, with emergency services responding promptly to the incident to contain the fire and prevent further damage.

The Dan’agundi Transmission Station is instrumental in distributing electricity to various parts of Kano, one of Nigeria’s largest cities.

The loss of two transformers is expected to cause significant disruptions to the power supply in the area, affecting residential, commercial, and industrial activities.

He said, “I am also out of office but they just reported to me that two transformers have been affected but one is still working. It’s in service. There is a new one which is yet to be commissioned, that one is also not affected.”

When asked whether power will still be transmitted via the station, he said, “it will not stop electricity transmission since one is still working. Although now it’s withdrawn but electricity could be restored after everything is brought under control.”

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