For six months, Ayra Starr experienced writer’s block.

Ayra Starr
Ayra Starr, a Grammy-nominated Nigerian singer and songwriter, recently shared her experience with writer’s block and how it impacted her creativity. The ‘Rush’ singer revealed that she struggled to write songs for six months until a friend gifted her the demo of her song ’21’ from her latest album, ‘The Year I Turned 21,’ on her birthday. This gesture helped her overcome her writer’s block and sparked her creativity once again. In a podcast interview, Ayra Starr expressed gratitude for the gift that reignited her passion for songwriting.

I had previously informed him about the difficulties I was facing – I had been experiencing writer’s block for six months. During that time, I found it challenging to write about myself. However, he surprised me with the first version of the song as a demo for my birthday gift. The recording process for ’21’ was surprisingly easy for me, as I managed to complete it in a single take. I even recorded the vocals while lying down with the microphone in my hand.

’21’ holds a special significance for me, as it was the catalyst that opened my mind to the rest of the album. Through this song, I began to rediscover and envision myself in the way I truly desired.

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