‘I Tried To Leave Judy Austin, It Didn’t Work’

A leaked chat between Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie and his estranged wife, May, has emerged online.

Bahd street vibes reports that the chat shows the movie star being remorseful and pleading over his relationship with his mistress, Judy Austin.

The chat was shared via Instagram by May’s legal team, Due Process Advocates (DPA), with Yul pleading with his first wife after cheating on her with Judy.

In the leaked conversation, Yul confessed to May that he had been dating Judy for five years and tried to leave her on several occasions but was unsuccessful.

Yul expressed love for May, pleading with her not to end their marriage because he never planned to break his home. He added that Judy had a child for him, who was two weeks old at the time.

The legal team wrote: “The greatest tactical mistake Yul Edochie has made is in the fact that he does not know how to shut up. First, he announced that he was a proud polygamist, and he dramatically introduced his girlfriend as his “second wife”. You married May, and you had an agreement (a vow taken in the house of God) with her that it would be a monogamous marriage. Without consulting May, you suddenly acquired a “second wife”. (See the screenshot). Who does that? Other women all over Africa have been taking such nonsense. But May said: “No, I am not going to take it”. Yul is not the first man to commit adultery. But it takes a God-like image of himself for him to boldly seek to be given a medal of honor for committing adultery. So, his failure to shut up got him into trouble.

“Second, he went about pretending to have found love in Judy. He misled a lot of people into assuming that he was really in love with Judy and that the two are living a happy, loving life. That again was false – doing things that are different from what you are saying. He was lying and misleading the public. Who would have known that he sees his relationship with Judy as skitmaking?

“Another instance of failure to shut up: Yul and Judy go to a great extent trying to tarnish May. They hired people to spread false rumors that May did something wrong and that Yul had to leave May in order to find peace and love in Judy. That is nonsense. If you want to know the truth, read the message in the screenshot attached. That was Yul’s message to his wife when it was revealed by Gistlover Blog that Yul and Judy had a baby. We didn’t want to show you this message if Yul had shut up. But since he keeps lying against May and pretending that he left May, we have to reveal the truth. Yul knows that May is a good woman and an excellent wife. Even till this moment, Yul knows that May was the best thing that happened to him. And without May, you can see what a disaster Yul has become overnight.”

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