‘I Wanna Get Citizenship In Ghana’

American rapper, Meek Mill, born Robert Rihmeek Williams, is considering relocating to Africa, with Ghana as a potential destination.

Bahd street vibes understands that the American rapper expressed his concern about the growing crimes and insecurity in America, noting issues such as the prevalence of automatic guns, opioid addiction, and alleged mind control, and lamented feeling unsafe in the country.

He expressed a desire to obtain citizenship in Ghana, citing his belief that Africa does not have the same problems he sees in America and emphasizing his desire for dual citizenship if permitted.

In a series of posts on his X handle, Nicki Minaj’s estranged boyfriend wrote, “Make sure you strap up in America, it’s extremely dangerous on the streets! They have no control over illegal immigrants everywhere… automatic guns flooded the inner cities… fettynal poison in most drugs … opioids melting the brains of humans .. and algorithms mind control.

“I wanna get citizenship in Ghana!!!! America is made to tear black men down if you don’t follow orders!

“Africa don’t got this shit I’m getting dual citizenship if they let me!

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