Kizz Daniel has dedicated his latest song to his wife, MJay.

Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel has released his latest song “Double,” dedicated to his wife MJay Anidugbe. The accompanying music video features his wife, showcasing their onscreen chemistry and giving fans a glimpse into their strong bond.

The music video, scheduled to debut on the same day as the audio release, showcases tender and happy moments between Kizz Daniel and his wife, providing fans with a glimpse of their strong bond.

Kizz Daniel expressed in a statement that the song is a tribute to love, companionship, and the happiness that comes from experiencing life’s adventures with a special someone.

“I aimed to compose a song that not only honors my love for my wife but also highlights the importance of partnership and family,” he stated.
Kizz Daniel
Collaborating with her on this project adds an extra layer of significance for me. I wish for ‘Double’ to connect with all who hear it and serve as a reminder of the value of love and unity. Kizz Daniel is a prominent voice in promoting afrobeats globally.

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