Labour Insists On N907,000 New Minimum Wage

The Nigeria Civil Service Union (NCSU), Federal Capital Territory, Abuja chapter, in a bold statement released during its 58th Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, expressed its stark disapproval of the federal government’s handling of the country’s economic challenges.

The labour group, which represents a significant portion of Nigeria’s civil servants, accused the government of lacking innovative ideas to effectively address the economic downturn.

The criticism comes amid ongoing discussions regarding the adjustment of the national minimum wage.

The NCSU has thrown its full support behind the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC)’s recommendation for a substantial increase in the minimum wage to about N907,000.

This proposal was initially presented during the zonal meetings with the Tripartite Committee of the Minimum Wage, highlighting the labor sector’s push for wage adjustments that would reflect the current economic realities faced by workers across the nation.

The Federal Council Chairman of the NCSU’s Abuja chapter, Comrade Adoga Gupada Aruwa, voiced concerns over Nigeria’s dependency on international financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

He criticized the IMF’s policies as being “anti-people” and detrimental to the welfare of the Nigerian populace.

He said, “I must inform you that our dear country is faced with a lot of challenges. The most vital of these challenges is economic challenge. You will agree with me that our government has no concrete idea on how to solve these challenges.

“We seem to be at the mercy of international agencies who are trying to direct our economic affairs such as the IMF. This of course, may bring about job losses.”

Comrade Aruwa called for unity among workers, stressing that the times in the country required encouragement among members especially on issues outside their primary assignment.

He said, “Comrades, I don’t want us to be repeating ourselves in the area of insecurity because it appears that our government does not have any solution in sight. The consequence of this is that banditry will continue to thrive.”

On the issue of minimum wage, he said that labour is looking forward to a living wage that will be more sustainable, insisting that N907,000 proposal by the NLC.

He said, “The National minimum wage, we’re no longer having the wage that can take us home. So, the NLC, TUC, and all the affiliates,we are on the same page in the struggle that government should increase our national minimum wage, so that we can meet up with the current challenges we’re facing as a result of high cost of living.”

Explaining the essence of the meeting, he said, “The purpose of this meeting is to create awareness, sensitize our workers on the current happenings in the country. It is a constitutional meeting we normally convey twice in a year. This is the first of this year.”

Also speaking, the Assistant General Secretary of NSCU, Comrade Daniel Otakpo, said Nigerians are suffering as a result of the fuel subsidy removal because there was no adequate preparation put in place to caution the effect.

He said, “In the first place you ask yourself how was the fuel subsidy removed by the President and Commander-in-Chief? We are aware that he was not quite prepared for the removal of the fuel subsidy because before fuel subsidies should be removed, you should have been put in place some programmes

“No program was put in place, he just made an announcement thinking it will be as easy as he thinks.

“Since the removal of fuel subsidy, Civil Service especially have been finding life very difficult despite the wage award.”

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