Lawmaker Urges Kaduna Govt To Investigate Billions Allocated For Drones Under El-Rufai

The legislator for Jaba constituency in the Kaduna State House of Assembly, Henry Marah Zachariah, has called upon the state authorities to conduct a thorough examination of the expenditure amounting to billions of Naira on surveillance technology.

This initiative, pioneered by former governor Nasir el-Rufai, aimed at curbing terror attacks and criminal activities in the state.

Bahd street vibes reports that Zachariah conveyed to the media in Kaduna on Wednesday that leveraging technology is the exclusive means to combat insecurity within Nigeria.

Zachariah highlighted the ineffectiveness of manpower in combating the escalating insecurity in the state, stressing the crucial need for technological solutions.

He questioned the whereabouts and functionality of air surveillance equipment and drones funded by billions from the previous administration led by Nasir el-Rufai, emphasizing the public’s right to inquire about the state-financed equipment.

According to Zachariah, “The rising insecurity in the state is not what one can use manpower to fight, what is needed now is technology.

“The last administration of Nasir el-Rufai told us on air that they voted billions in purchasing air surveillance equipment/drones. Where are these drones?

“We have the right to ask questions because it is the money of the people of Kaduna State that was used to buy the equipment, they should show us where those drones are and why they are not working?

“We feel that we are not being given the opportunity to contribute our quota to national growth or development in the state. Probably the reason why we are not being allowed to express our opinions is because they feel that we may say things that the executive don’t want to hear.

“But the truth is that we are not here to say what the government wants to hear, we are here to say the reality on ground and proffer solutions to them.”

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