Mohbad’s Father Disowns Lawyers Appearing In Court Without Consent

Joseph Aloba, the bereaved father of the late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known by his stage name, Mohbad, has publicly distanced himself from individuals claiming to represent him legally without his authorization.

The announcement was made through a statement released this Tuesday, shedding light on a perplexing situation that has emerged in the aftermath of the singer’s tragic passing.

The Aloba family, still grieving from their significant loss, finds itself navigating not only their sorrow but also unauthorized claims of legal representation.

In the detailed statement penned by Monisola Odumosu, a recognized member of the Aloba family’s chosen legal team, it was disclosed that an individual had taken to social media, presenting himself as a legal counsel acting on behalf of Mohbad’s father, without any form of consent or authorization from the family.

Joseph Aloba emphatically clarified in the statement that the family has exclusively authorized a specific legal team to handle all matters pertaining to Mohbad’s case, leaving no room for external legal interference.

The necessity for such a disclaimer arose sharply when the self-proclaimed lawyer’s actions on social media raised concerns and confusion about the legitimacy of representation concerning the late singer’s affairs.

The statement read, “Our attention has been drawn to a certain individual on the social media platform particularly TikTok parading himself to be working for a group on behalf of our client, Mr. Joseph Aloba.

“It is our client’s instruction that he has not engaged anyone, a law firm or an NGO to represent him either in court or any other place in matters relating to seeking justice on the death of his late son, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba (Mohbad) other than his current legal team which have been properly briefed on all matters relating to procuring justice on behalf of his late son.

“Mr. Aloba said anyone or group who wants to take any action about the Mohbad matter must seek the consent and approval of his legal team, whom he said have been doing the legal work diligently and to his satisfaction. Mr. Joseph Aloba has not given anyone or a group his consent to represent him.”

The statement added that the deceased’s family was not unaware of what it described as subterranean moves to scuttle the process of justice in Mohbad’s matter.

The legal team noted further that it was desirous of ensuring that spoilers were not allowed to destroy the blocks of justice being built for the case.

It added, “Please, we urge the public to ignore anyone or group that claims to be acting on behalf of Mr. Joseph.”

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