Nigerians are unable to comprehend my music, says Tems.


Nigerian singer Temilade Openiyi, also known as Tems, who has won a Grammy, expressed that she feels misunderstood by Nigerians when it comes to her music. She mentioned that she is uncertain if her fellow countrymen truly appreciate her music, but she does feel valued by them as an individual. This was shared by the Oscar-nominated musician in a preview of the upcoming episode of ‘Flow with Korty.’

During the show, Tems expressed that Nigerians may not fully grasp her music, but she feels valued as a person by them. She mentioned that it is uncommon to create her style of music as a Nigerian in Nigeria. Tems emphasized that she is focused on her work in the music industry and is not seeking to be seen as a séx symbol.

The R&B singer stated, “I have not always been comfortable with my body. If my appearance is causing any discomfort, I will make adjustments. Therefore, I wear baggy clothes and adopt a more reserved demeanor when I go to studios, in order to prevent any séduction.”


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