Ogun Residents Dumping Dead Bodies In Public Waste Bins – Govt

The Ogun State Commissioner for Environment, Ola Oresanya, has called on residents to cease disposing of baby corpses and faeces in public waste bins as part of his commitment to public hygiene and sanitation.

The cautionary message was conveyed during a press briefing held in Abeokuta, the state capital, where Oresanya expressed deep concerns over the misuse of public waste facilities.

The commissioner detailed how public waste bins, strategically placed along major roads and in markets to promote cleanliness, have been subjected to gross abuse.

Shockingly, incidents of dead babies and faeces being discarded in these bins have been reported, an act that not only disrespects the deceased but poses significant health risks to the community at large.

Addressing the media, Oresanya highlighted the challenges faced by the state in maintaining public sanitation, exacerbated by the inappropriate disposal of waste.

He said, “We put out a giant waste bin along the road going towards the market (Panseke market), we put another smaller one around the place where okada riders are staying so that they can be putting their waste inside it, but every time we go there to clear the wastes, we found out that the bins contain faeces and dead babies.

“When their children die, they don’t bury them, they will just dump them in the bins. There is a major social problem in that area that needs special attention and we are looking at it holistically.”

Speaking on the deteriorating condition of the pedestrian bridge, Oresanya said, “The bridge was constructed so that the pedestrians can use it to cross the road, but on that same bridge, you will find out that only a few pedestrians can use it, people on wheelchair, physically challenged will not be able to cross that bridge. Is there any alternative for them? No, but we are working on that.

“We have to put gates there to stop the destitute from sleeping on the bridge in the night and defecating on it because what we heard is that people can’t use that bridge at night and the destitute that stay there, they rob people, sleep and defecate there. So, they have to be locking that bridge around 6 pm to stop destitute in the night.”

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