“Our sacrifices were instrumental in the rise of Afrobeats” – 2Baba


Renowned Nigerian singer, Innocent Ujah Idibia, also known as 2Baba, has emphasized that he remains significant in the music industry, despite the rise of new Afrobeats artists. The iconic ‘African Queen’ singer acknowledged that his efforts, along with those of his contemporaries, have played a crucial role in elevating Afrobeats to its current status. He made these remarks during a recent interview with AFRIMMA.

He recommended young artists to have faith in the process instead of being overly ambitious. The music legend encouraged them to learn from Burna Boy’s journey, pointing out that he began by selling out small venues and gradually built a loyal fan base before moving on to larger arenas and stadiums.

2Baba emphasized, “Burna Boy sells out Madison Square Garden and some other artists think they are at the same level, which is unrealistic.”

“He is aware of the challenges he faced before reaching his current level, and you must also undergo that entire process. Burna Boy did not simply wake up one day and sell out Madison Square Garden; it was a lengthy process.

“He began by performing at small venues and gradually gained a large following. Now, we can see the results of his hard work. It is a similar process that we are all a part of, contributing to the sacrifice and instrumental process.

“However, this does not diminish the fact that I am still very much dedicated and professional.”

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