Pep Guardiola Reveals His Goal Ahead Of Liverpool Vs Manchester City Clash

Pep Guardiola has led Manchester City to win three successive Premier League titles which equaled a record set by Sir Alex Ferguson during his days at Manchester United.

Hence, if Manchester City win this season’s Premier League title, Pep Guardiola will become the first manager in history to lead a club to four league titles in a row.

The Citizens are currently sitting in third place on the league table with 62 points in 27 games, after 19 wins, 5 draws, and three defeats. They are currently behind first-place Arsenal with two points, and behind second-place Liverpool with one point.

At 4:45 p.m. later today, March 10, coach Jurgen Klopp and his boys will host coach Pep Guardiola and his boys at Anfield Stadium. The outcome of the game has the potential to change the league standings.

That is, if Liverpool beat Manchester City, they will go top of the league table. If it happens the other way round, City will go top on the league table.

However, the prayer of Arsenal and their fans will be that the game should end in a draw. If that happens, the Gunners and Liverpool with be in 64 points respectively. But coach Mikel Arteta and his boys will remain at the top of the league table thanks to their superior goal difference.

Amid this, Pep Guardiola has charged his players to overcome all the obstacles and set their minds on being the first team to win the Premier League four times in a row.

“We have to overcome these situations and to do the peak achievement, of trying to fight for the fourth Premier League in a row, that no team has ever done, ever, this is the type of challenge we have to face – overcome absolutely everything,” Guardiola said during Liverpool Vs Man City pre-match press conference.

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