Prices Of Rice, Beans, Other Food Items In Abuja As Ramadan Fasting Begins

Residents of the Federal Capital Territory are reportedly experiencing a 95% surge in foodstuff prices as Muslims commence this year’s Ramadan fasting.

Bahd street vibes learnt that the popular Abaji Main Market has increased the prices of food items such as rice, beans, yam, garri, maize, and many others.

Findings by Daily Trust showed that a mudu of rice, previously sold for N1,800, now sells at 2,000, while a mudu of beans, which was sold at N1,400, sells at N1,600 per mudu.

Also, a medium-sized yam tuber is now sold for N1,300, while a mudu of grounded corn, previously sold for N900, is now sold for N1,200 per mudu.

Additionally, 50 medium-size yam tubers, which were sold for N75,000, are now sold for N115,000.

Soup items such as palm oil, vegetable oil, packets of Maggi cubes, and salt sachets have also increased by 95 percent at the market.

Some customers who spoke to the aforementioned publication decried the rise in food prices, stating that some traders have taken advantage of Ramadan to increase their goods.

Zuwaira Adamu, a buyer at the market, said, “It is quite unfortunate that some traders have taken advantage of the Ramadan to increase their goods, especially food stuffs, by 90 per cent, which is bad.”

Another foodstuff buyer at the market, Usman Yakubu, also said, “I am telling you confidently that those in charge of Abaji market have always compromised as they know what is happening on price increase but they kept quite without saying anything because they receive kickbacks.”

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