Reactions As Governor Bago Of Niger State Kneels Down For President Tinubu (Photo)

The Niger State Governor, Mohammed Umar Bago, on Thursday, visited President Bola Tinubu at the Aso Rock Villa in Abuja.

The Governor was captured on camera kneeling down for the President in greeting, an act which sparked outrage from some social media users.

While some lambasted the Governor for his decision to kneel in greeting, others, however, saw it as an act of respect.

See some of the reactions culled from the X platform.

@Baaaaatunde: Eye service

@RadicalYouthMan: What manner of stupidity is this ??? See an elected Governor bowing to Tinubu as if Tinubu is God ???? How do these manner of people hope to achieve successes as Governors when their loyalty is to the President and not to the people that voted them ??

Even Tinubu never bowed to Obasanjo like this !!!

Na wa oo

@lawankunu: Rant well… Respect is not a sign of weakness…

@amwogakhalwale: What madness and uncivility is this?

@AzeezOseni4: The Niger State Governor has been visiting Tinubu mostly, what are they cooking?

Recently he signed a memorandum agreement with the Lagos State Governor.

@seemarkmark: The picture is too dramatic.

@NuraynMuhammad: Elrufai ProMax 😂

@GoodiesOfada: Hhmmm. I used to like this Governor a lot. Now I like and fear him equal measure.

@babateko_1: Yesterday he was calling Obi his boss today he’s kneeling down before real Boss. This man don dey fagbo.

@Seunfunmi_mi: Very respectful man.

@belel_yusuf: This is embrassing especially to the Northerners.

@OdysseyEze: Whatever you might tag it, I’m proud to say that I wish I had a governor like him in my state.He is really poised to make life better for his people .

@odbironke: Na waoh… Are all these gestures really from the heart sha?

@EBahba: This is barbaric, selfserving, eyeservising, and unnecessary!

Meanwhile, at the time of filing this report, the details of the discussion between President Tinubu and Governor Bago were yet to be made public.

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