Reasons for Quitting Smoking – Singer Korede Bello


Renowned Nigerian musician Korede Bello recently shared how his upbringing led him to experiment with smoking cannabis at a young age. The singer, known for his popular song “God Win,” revealed that he decided to quit the habit after realizing it was not for him. During an appearance on the ‘Say My Piece’ podcast hosted by actress Omotunde Adebowale David, also known as Lolo1, Bello mentioned that he was exposed to his father smoking as a child.

“I have experimented with marijuana in the past, but I found that it is not something I enjoy. While I was exposed to it at a young age, I have always had an addictive personality, so I am wary of developing any addictive habits. Despite my father being a smoker and sending me to buy cigarettes for him, he always cautioned me against smoking,” the singer explained in a professional manner.

Bello reflected on his childhood memories of his father smoking cigarettes and sending him to buy them. He recalled how his father used to cough frequently, attributing it to smoking. When he asked his father why he was coughing, his father warned him about the dangers of smoking and advised him not to start. Bello credits this early lesson for shaping his belief that smoking is harmful to health.

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