Rivers Govt Will Support Wigwe University

Rivers State Governor Siminalaye Fubara has vowed to support Wigwe University as part of its effort to immortalise the late Access Bank boss.

Speaking after the funeral service of the late bank boss on Saturday, Fubara pledged that the state government would do everything to ensure that his name did not die.

Bahd street vibes reports that Fubara said work to ensure that the dream of Wigwe continues to live.

He said, “I want to say our brother has finished his work, though shortly. We, as a government, will do everything with the Wigwe Foundation to immortalise one thing.

“It is not the bank; the bank might have a new identity, a new boss to run it, and other ventures will also have their names, but one thing that has his name is Wigwe University.

“We will do everything within our power to make sure the dream will continue to live just as he has planned it.

“This one has to do with the political class; what are all these struggles all about? You want to kill, you want to bury, what is it all about?

“This is a man who was not a politician; he made his money through our investments, he had the world in his palm financially, he controlled even the political classes; but today, with all the power, he couldn’t control life. Is it not enough to ask ourselves why we are struggling? Why are we not making an impact on the lives of our people?”

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