Seun Kuti alleges that Iyabo Ojo politicized Mohbad’s death as a movement against Naira Marley

Seun Kuti alleges that Iyabo Ojo politicized Mohbad's death as a movement against Naira Marley

Afrobeat artist Seun Kuti has accused Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo of politicizing the death of Nigerian singer Mohbad as a way to target his former record label boss, Naira Marley.

Kuti made these allegations in response to Ojo’s statements that he is “confusing” the youth by calling controversial social media activist VeryDarkMan “a necessity.”

Kuti stated that he believes Ojo’s activism is not motivated by seeking justice for the late singer, but rather by targeting Naira Marley.

In a video message posted on his Instagram account, the Afrobeat singer addressed the issue by stating,

 “I have viewed your video, Iyabo [Ojo], and I noticed that you only discussed the actions of VeryDarkMan, despite claiming that you were calling me out.”

However, there is one thing that I want to make clear. You have accused me of confusing the youth, but I bear no grudge against you. I have appeared on your podcast before and I hold no ill will towards you personally. My only concern arises when politics are involved. It was your group that politicized the death of Mohbad.

You have turned his death into a political issue. I doubt that you politicized his death in order to seek justice, especially considering that the government’s findings have been released. Have you accepted the government’s conclusion? I came across a statement indicating that the government reported Mohbad’s death as a result of substance abuse. If you trust the government’s findings, then what is the purpose of seeking justice?

In my personal opinion, I believe that the movement was ultimately directed against Naira Marley. I cannot see any other reason for it. You mentioned that we are standing up against bullying in Nigerian society, and I agree that 70-80 per cent of celebrities are involved in cult activities.

These individuals are essentially gangs of bullies, constantly intimidating others. Despite their actions, everyone seems to be their friend. These gangs regularly bully people, with many celebrities being part of their membership.

All of these members have friends who have not spoken out against their association with gangs, even after the incident involving Mohbad. Is there a movement in Nigeria against confraternities? Where is the movement seeking justice for Mohbad now?

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