‘These Criminality Cannot Hold’ – Reactions As Senate Suspends Abdul Ningi For Three Months Over 2024 Budget Padding Claim

The Senate’s decision to suspend Senator Abdul Ningi from Bauchi Central for three months has sparked numerous reactions.

Ningi, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), was suspended during Tuesday’s plenary over allegations of padding of the 2024 budget.

Bahd street vibes recall that Senator Ningi, in an interview with the BBC Hausa Service on Saturday, alleged that the National Assembly padded the 2024 budget with N3.7 trillion.

The Bauchi Central Senator also claimed that the 2024 budget passed is N25tn while the one being implemented by the Presidency is N28.7tn.

Following this development, some netizens took to social media to express their views regarding Ningi’s three-month suspension from all legislative duties.

Below are the reactions.

@SafeeyanM wrote: “Oh God, we miss the likes of senator @_dinomelaye and @ShehuSani in the senate, by now every table for don scatter. 

“The Abdul Ningi’s claim holds water, and that’s why all APC senators are now attacking him and advocating for his suspension, unfortunately we don’t have opposition.


“Why was Senator Ningi’s suspension not Repudiated immediately?

“These criminality cannot hold. It cannot stand. You pad a budget with over 3 Trillion Naira and have the temerity to suspend the Senator who called you out on it.

“Such heartlessness and wickedness to pad a budget at this time, at a point where the country is suffering and people cannot even feed, you pad a budget for your selfish pockets.

“Thieves. Where are the senators? What are they all doing about it? 

Akpabio must be Impeached.”

@UyiosaHero wrote: “Senator Ningi’s suspension is very commendable. Those who have turned to his emergency lovers don’t know what it means to deliberately lie.

@Mama2Zee wrote: “I enjoyed watching every minute of the plenary today on this unfortunate chaos created by Sen. Ningi. 

“I am proud of the Northern Senators who spoke up to outrightly deny Ningi’s baseless claim. He deserved more than the 3-month suspension, in my opinion.”

@KelvinAmata wrote: “Dear @NgLabour inclined obidients, hope you can see from the silence of Labour Party Senators over Senator Ningi’s suspension that the movement shouldn’t be tied to the apron strings of Labour Party. Don’t make new monsters when you are battling with old, wily ones!

@Good_citizins wrote: “Akpabio and Tinubu are setting up a dangerous precedence against our democracy. I thought when accusations are made, the right thing is a proper investigation. Why are they in haste to suspend a man because he voiced out the truth, this is very tyrannical indeed.”

@Ike_Chike wrote: “I don’t think Nigerians understand what a TRILLION is. Even if it’s naira ..Let me break it down, If one spends a MILLION every day it will take 2700 years to exhaust a trillion. Let that sink in. Country of cowards.

@anuforo_ibe wrote: “Let him go to court and quash the nonsense suspension and spearhead Akpabio impeachment.”

@gift4dworld wrote: “If we stay quiet about issues like this, they become more confident. It also discourages others from speaking up because they fear we will stay docile.

@Collinzcharlz wrote: “This is where EFCC comes in, but never… they’re doing their job in Anambra state, chasing students by 3 a.m.

@KarlmaxOkolie wrote: “Sen. Abdul Ningi deserves what he got. He wants to swim in a river infested with crocks. LP senators should expect their own medicine. Reason, because, all opposition senators, despite having more numbers, voted for Akpabio and took backseat. Ningi’s case is akin 2 Chioma Okoli’s.

@SafeeyanM wrote: “We, the PDP members, should gather and know what to do with Senator Mai Doki; he is a PDP member, and he was the one that moved the motion for Abdul Ningi’s suspension; the likes of Senator Mai Doki should not be given a chance to contest anything under our party. He is a disgrace.

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