UEFA unveils new Champions League format for 2024/25 season

UEFA has announced a major overhaul to the format of the Champions League starting from the 2024/25 season.

The key change involves the elimination of the current group stage system, with 36 clubs now participating in a single league competition, instead of 32.

Under the new format, teams will play eight matches, facing eight different opponents, with half of the matches played at home and the other half away.

This change aims to provide clubs with a wider range of opponents and increase the competitiveness of matches.

The top eight teams in the league will automatically qualify for the round of 16, while teams finishing between 9th and 24th will compete in a two-legged knockout phase play-off.

Teams that finish from 25th down, will be eliminated from the competition, without access to the UEFA Europa League.

UEFA also announced that the knockout phase pairings will be partly determined by the league phase rankings, to create a clear route for teams to reach the final.

Meanwhile, the games will continue to hold midweek, and the final will continue to be played on a Saturday at a neutral venue selected by UEFA.

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