Top 5 Diss Tracks in the Nigerian Music Industry – Which One Packs the Strongest Punch?

As tensions escalate among prominent figures in the international music scene,

we take a closer look at some of the most memorable diss tracks in the history of Nigerian music. From disputes dating back to the early 1990s to more recent conflicts within the afrobeats genre, here are five of the most influential diss tracks in Nigerian music history.

1. Ruggedman – A Word Is Enuff For The 9ice

Ruggedman boldly confronted 9ice on a track in the past, creating one of the legendary diss songs in the Nigerian music industry.

2. Telli Person – Timaya feat. Phyno and Olamide

Although “Telli Person” was not specifically targeting another musician, it sparked a trend when Phyno appeared to send a warning message to the Instagram celebrity, Hushpuppi.

The feud between Phyno and Hushpuppi began when the latter accused the rapper of showing off fake jewelry. In response, Phyno retaliated in the song.

The relevance of the song would have been amplified if it had been released after Hushpuppi’s controversial downfall orchestrated by the FBI.

3. Letter to My Brother – Faze

Take into account the significant difference in personalities and attitudes. When 2Face released “See Me So,” he sought to make amends with his estranged Plantashun Boys family.

However, Faze’s “Letter to My Brother” showed 2Face the genuine way to promote peace from the sincerity of one’s heart.

Despite arising from a conflict, this song remains a timeless classic in Nigerian music and deserves acknowledgment in any potential Nigerian music hall of fame, should one be established.

4. See Me So – 2Face

The Plantashun Boys saga is recognized as a major and contentious conflict in the history of Nigerian music.

Although originally meant as a message of moving on from 2Face to his former bandmates Faze and BlackFace, this song unexpectedly became one of the most well-known diss tracks. This led to a response from Faze.

This incident highlights how the way something is said and the choice of words can result in a misunderstanding of the intended message. Nevertheless, this record played a pivotal role in the emergence of Faze in the music industry.

5. Distractions – Vector feat. AQ

Certainly, the history of Nigerian beef would not be complete without Vector’s contribution. Surprisingly, AQ was not aware that Vector’s track was intended as a diss towards fellow rapper Reminisce.

In typical fashion, Vector demonstrated his skill as one of the leading rappers in the industry, delivering powerful punchlines and his unique wordplay.



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